About The BID

A Business Improvement District (BID) allows businesses in a designated area to work together to tackle the priorities and issues that matter most to them. Businesses agree, following an independent ballot, to pay an additional levy which is used to finance the delivery of projects, services and activities aimed at improving the shared trading environment.

Penrith Industrial BID is a partnership between businesses and property owners on Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith Industrial Estate and Eden Business Park. The BID’s programme will focus on five key initiatives aimed at improving the business environment across the three estates that make up the Penrith Business Parks.

Working Together – Improving the Image – Safety and Security – Improving Access – Clean Environment

Bringing Businesses Together

Ever since Penrith’s early days as a market town it’s benefited from a culture of entrepreneurialism and collaboration. Businesses in the Penrith Business Parks know how to work together to find more efficient ways to get things done.

In April 2018 these businesses voted to form a new Business Improvement District (BID), creating an opportunity to address the priorities they identified during the BID’s development phase. Business improvement districts are found across the UK and enable businesses to work together on projects to improve their shared trading environment.

Together the BID is tackling issues too big for single businesses to solve on their own by creating a strong voice to advocate for Penrith businesses, and economies of scale when negotiating and buying to help make ambitious projects possible.

Penrith Business Parks is the new brand that unites all businesses located on Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith Industrial Estate and Eden Business Park.

Chris Staniowski

Vice Chairman

Architect at Manning Elliott Partnership

Background: Architecture and Construction

Chris is a qualified architect with over ten years’ experience in the construction industry. His work spans planning, designing and supervising construction for projects in Cumbria and the Scottish Borders. Specialising in the restoration of historic and listed buildings, he is currently seeking further formal qualifications in this field. As the current chairman of the BID, he oversees all our projects and leads our efforts to bring businesses on the Penrith Business Parks together to improve the trading environment we all share.

Jonathan Garbutt

Commercial Property Manager at AW Jenkinson Forest Products

Background: Chartered Surveyor

Jonathan has 25 years’ experience in property and estate management throughout the UK. He currently manages the AW Jenkinson property portfolio, based at the company’s Clifton head office. Jonathan became involved in the Business Improvement District as a Director in August 2018 – and is the lead Director on finance and also involved with implementing our projects. With AW Jenkinson holding three separate properties within the Penrith Business Parks, Jonathan is very keen to ensure that the initiative’s benefits are maximised.

Andy Jones

General Manager at G&S Penrith Ltd

Background: Manufacturing and Distribution Management

Andy works for the UK’s leading supplier of industrial cleaning equipment accessories, components & spares, based on Eden Business Park. He was one of the founding members of the Business Improvement District, becoming a Director when the proposal was successful.

Anthea Jones

Owner and Director of Planning Branch Ltd

Anthea owns Unit 1 Mereside on Eden Business Park and is also owner and director of Planning Branch Ltd, based on Eden Business Park. She was one of the founding members of the Penrith Industrial BID, becoming a Director when the proposal was successful. Due to the fact that Anthea owns Unit 1 and has letting rooms within the building, she wants to ensure that the benefits of the BID are maximised in order to improve the overall area..

Amanda Holliday


A J Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services

Background: A retail business owner in Penrith for seven years and AAT certified in bookkeeping and accountancy.

Amanda currently runs her own business providing bookkeeping and accountancy support for sole traders and partnerships. She acts as Administrator and bookkeeper for the Directors of the Business Improvement District.

Richard Utting


Background: Owner and operator of two successful, locally based businesses over the last 40 years – now retired.

Richard was involved in the original concept for the Business Improvement District and its development over the past two years. In light of his knowledge and the links he’s made with many local businesses throughout this process and his career, the board decided to appoint Richard in a consultancy capacity, helping the directors with the development of the BID and its projects on the Penrith Business Parks.

Gavin Wilkinson


Background:  Mechanical Engineering / Technical Sales

Gavin is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with experience in power generation and manufacturing, followed by a spell working in manufacturing computer systems for Ford Motor Company.   Being an Engineer who doesn’t mind talking to people, a career change into technical sales beckoned,  selling subea electrical connectors manufactured by Tronic in Ulverston to the oil industry world-wide.  Gavin has been working in Penrith for nearly 20 years, and now runs the industrial supply company PSSI based within the BID area.

Latest Projects

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